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Thermaltake Polo 12 PSU/HSF/Accessory Kit

Manufacturer: Thermaltake Technology
Supplied by: Thermaltake Technology
Street Price: $60

By Dean Barker (5/12/2004)



Thermaltake has always been big on producing products aimed at making our lives a little easier.  Say you're putting a system up for a friend or family member; there are certain basic components you will need that you don't want to break the bank with.  To address this Thermaltake has put together the Polo 12 that is primarily sold as a power supply with accessories package.  However, I prefer to look at it as more of an all in one package.  With the Polo 12 you not only get a power supply but an OEM type cooler, case fans and fan controller units.  What really makes this noteworthy is that it carries a street price of around $60.  That last part got your attention I bet.  Let's take a closer look so you can see what I'm talking about. 

What you get

As we just mentioned, the Polo 12 is an all in one type kit.  Upon opening the package you discover multiple boxes.  These include a 410 watt silent power supply with a 120mm LED fan, a three in one cooler that fits P4/K7/K8, power cable, an 80mm adjustable speed case fan, a 120mm adjustable speed case fan and two fan controllers (one for a 5.25" bay and a second that fits in a rear PCI slot cover.)  You can get a better look at these below.


Let's start out with the two fan controllers.  The first fits in an open 5.25" bay.  Two large control knobs dominate this silver colored panel.  The second fits in the rear of a case into a PCI slot cover.  Gold in color, it has a single control knob centered with Thermaltake markings on the face.  Both units connect to fans via a two pin female plug.  These fit the two pin control plug in both the 80 and 120mm Smart Fan2 units included.  The ability to use the third manual controller is for the power supply's 120mm fan should you want to bypass its automatic speed control.


Power supply

Let's get right to the meat of the Polo 12, the 410 watt power supply.  Specs please.


  • Rated Power: 410 Watts

  • Weight: 2 kg

  • Dimensions: 150 (L) x 140 (W) x 86mm (H)

  • 120x120x25mm, Two Ball Bearing Temp. Auto Control - 1300-2800 rpm

  • Noise 17 dBA at 1300 rpm

  • Colors: Available in Black or Silver

  • Over Voltage Protection recycle AC to reset
    +5V trip point < +6.8V
    +3.3V trip point < +4.5V
    +12V trip point <+15.6V



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by Navin Amarasuriya

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