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Tuniq Ensemble 1200w PSU

Manufacturer: Tuniq
Supplied by:
Street Price: TBA

by Dean Barker  (11/11/2007)


Tuniq is the performance oriented division of Sunbeam Technology.  Their coolers, cases, power supplies and accessories are designed for more of the niche audience who demand a higher level of performance from their gear.  Tuniq's line of power supplies displays this thinking with high wattage and high efficiency units.  A quick example of this is the smallest PSU Tuniq makes is 950 watts. 

Tuniq has released their Ensemble power supply in 1000 and 1200 watt offerings.  Both of these units feature active power factor correction to make the unit more efficient.  Tuniq stamps this with no small amount of pride, on the package that the unit is 'Super High Efficiency (87%).'  In addition to this we find plenty of connectors and features to make that very discriminating audience quite pleased.  Today we have a sample of the Tuniq Ensemble in 1200 watt trim on the bench for a look see.  Let's start out with the white paper.


  • Power Output: 1200 watts

  • Max efficiency - 87% / Average efficiency - 86%

  • Observed dimensions: 220 x 150 x 85mm

  • Bottom mounted 135mm cooling fan

  • Rear mounted 80mm cooling fan

  • Four independent 12v rails

  • Two 8-pin and two 6-pin PCI-E connectors

  • Quad core CPU support - provides 8-pin 12v dual CPU support

  • 24 pin ATX power connector

  • Two 8-pin ATX EPS 2.91 compliant 12v connectors

  • Active PFC

  • All cables sleeved

  • EZ-Grip connectors

  • Fan Delay Off Feature

  • Over/Under Voltage Protection

  • Over Current Protection

  • Short Circuit Protection

  • Over Load Protection

  • Offered in 1200w and 1000w sizes

What you get

Included with the super sized Tuniq Ensemble we find a few extras.  The unit and wall cable of course as well as five adapter cables.  These adapter cables include two 8-pin to 6-pin PCI-E adapters, two Molex 'Y' extensions with three connectors each and one Molex to SATA adapter.  We also find a manual, mounting screws and ten 150mm hook and loop cable ties for keeping the extra line out of the way.  The last is a nice extra considering the Tuniq Ensemble is not a modular unit.

You sure do have a big unit...

The last 1200 watt power supply we had in the house here measured a full 200mm long.  The Tuniq Ensemble hits that mark with another 10% to spare measuring 220mm long.  If you have a compact or shorter depth case you would be VERY prudent in measuring clearances first.  This is one big power supply.  Color wise we find a very nondescript gunmetal finish.  It looks much lighter in the shots below than it actually is due to the totally white background.


Cooling received quite a bit of attention at Tuniq.  A 135mm intake fan seated in the bottom of the Ensemble provides fresh air in where an 80mm fan positioned by the plug and rocker switch is our exhaust.  While we are on the subject of fans, both fans in the Ensemble are variable rate numbers.  By means of an internal sensor the fans adjust between one of three settings depending on how many watts are drawn from the unit itself.  Below 300 watts output, the 80 and 135mm fans spin at 1050 and 850 RPM respectively with total sound output at a reported 20 dBA.  From 301 to 650 watts, the 80 and 135mm fans spin at 1750 and 1200 RPM respectively at 22 dBA.  From 651 watts and on the 80 and 135mm fans spin at 2250 and 1400 RPM with a reported total sound output peaking at 29 dBA.

One more thing about the fans is the Fan Delay Off feature.  An internal temperature sensor will keep the fans running until the internal temperature falls below 50 degrees C EVEN when your rig is OFF.  We tested this out with a hair dryer blowing hot air and it worked as billed.  Very cool indeed.



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