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Tuniq Potency 750w PSU

Manufacturer: Tuniq
Supplied by:
Street Price: $118

by Dean Barker  (01/12/2009)


Tuniq is a name recognizable to most folks as the performance oriented division of Sunbeam Technology.  They produce a variety of products to include cases, coolers, power supplies and other accessories catering to the more discriminating user.  Tuniq's line of power supplies has become much broader over the past twelve months offering high wattage units such as their Ensemble 1000 and 1200 watt models and most recently, their Potency line.  The Tuniq Potency Power Supplies are designed to give end users lots of features without the typically associated high cost.  Being 80 Plus Bronze Certified, the Tuniq Potency PSU is a certified high efficiency unit that is also reasonably priced at under $120.  Today, we have a look at the Tuniq Potency 750 watt Power Supply to see what practical features it brings to the table besides the already noteworthy 80 Plus Bronze Certification, NVidia SLI Certification and Active PFC.


  • Power Output: 750 watts

  • Certified 80+ Bronze Efficiency

  • Dimensions: 160 x 150 x 86mm

  • Bottom mounted 140mm cooling fan

  • Active PFC

  • All cables sleeved

  • EZ-Grip connectors

  • Advanced Off-Line Cooling Feature

  • Over/Under Voltage Protection

  • Over Current Protection

  • Short Circuit Protection

  • Over Load Protection

  • NVidia SLI Certified

  • Offered in 750w, 650w and 550w sizes

What you get

Included with the Tuniq Potency Power Supply are a couple of items.  The unit, its wall cable, a two connector 16 inch Molex extension cable, mounting screws, a small bag of zip ties for neatness (You know I'm all over that) in addition to a small manual.  The bundled cables are all sleeved and shrink wrapped; sorry they're attached.  No modular unit here but then again, the Tuniq Potency doesn't have the modular price tag either.

How Potent?

The Tuniq Potency is your standard metallic gray color measuring an equally standard 160 x 150 x 86mm.  What isn't so standard is the nicely sized 140mm cooling fan on its base.  The twin ball bearing fan operated at near silence throughout testing.  One nice feature to ensure this silence Tuniq has incorporated a temperature sensor that keeps the fan operating until it detects an internal temperature of 50 degrees C or below even after a PC is turned off.  We've seen this feature on other Tuniq units and it is definitely a nice safety feature.


The Tuniq Potency power supply also sports Active Power Correction Factor.  Active PFC is a way to make a power supply more efficient in its power delivery.  Hence the 80 Plus Certification given ensures that users know they are getting an efficient unit.  Active PFC automatically adjusts for variances in the AC input voltage to keep the unit's power delivery clean and stable.  AC in power supplies stands for Alternating Current.  AC Power oscillates continuously, so to keep the unit operating at peak efficiency, the Active PFC adjusts this input voltage so the output is consistent.

The rear panel of the Potency is a stamped vent grating.  Almost the entire rear of the unit is open to allow a smooth and minimally restrictive exhaust of warm air to be blown out.  The obligatory on/off rocker switch rests next to the power plug port.




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by Navin Amarasuriya

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