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Ultra X3 Power Supply (1000w and 800w) Units

Manufacturer: Ultra Products
Supplied by: Ultra Products
Street Price: $300 - 1000w / $200 - 800w

by Dean Barker (12/02/2007)


It was the Ultra X-Connect PSU that really brought modular cables into their own a couple of years ago.  Since then, modular cables are almost a requisite component for a performance oriented power supply.  There are a good number of other features that have come along since the X-Connect's release.  Ultra Products has released their X3 line of power supplies in an effort to encompass everything that a modern high end power supply should be; silent fans, modular cables, plenty of connectors, Active PFC, high wattage and high efficiency to name but a few.  The good people at Ultra Products have sent over two units today; the Ultra X3 800w and Ultra X3 1000w PSU for us to get some first hand experience with.  Let's start things out with a look at the specs with are the same for both units except where noted.


  • Power Output: 1000 watt and 800 watt units

  • Active PFC

  • Rated average efficiency - 80% for 1000w / 82% for 800w

  • Observed dimensions: 191 x 152 x 87mm  (LxWxH)

  • Bottom mounted low sound variable rate 135mm cooling fan

  • Two 8-pin and four 6-pin PCI-E connectors

  • Active PFC

  • Flex Force Slim Cable

  • In Rush Current Protection

  • Short Circuit Protection

  • Thermal Overload Protection

  • Available sizes: 600, 800, 1000 and 1600 watts

The Brothers Watt

There are actually five units in the Ultra X3 family.  A 1600 watt unit, a 600 watt unit, the 800 watt unit we have here as well as two versions of the 1000 watt product.  The 1000 watt X3 is offered in an ATi Crossfire certified version and the nVidia SLI certified version we have with us today.  Each of the Ultra X3 power supplies share the same high gloss gunmetal shine with one another.  Our two test units, the X3 800w and X3 1000w SLI units will be what you see pictures of below.  As with all high power output units the Ultra X3 is an extended sized animal.  Measuring to 191mm, the Ultra X3 is between the standard PSU's size of 165mm and some of the behemoth 200 or even 220mm we've seen elsewhere. 


Here are a couple of shots of the spec sticker on the side of the 800 and the 1000w X3.  Notice the very prominent Active PFC tagging.  Active PFC is the power supply's ability to correct for a number of factors that would otherwise diminish the efficiency of a unit.  As with all other things, the more power you can get to the proverbial pavement, the more power for your gear to use.  Another point is that the more efficient a unit is the cooler it operates.


Unlike many "modular" power supplies, the Ultra Product's version is 100% modular.  Other competing units will have the main ATX power cables and maybe a dedicated PCI-E line or two be native or permanently connected with the rest of the lines being detachable.  Not the case with the Ultra X3.  The Ultra X3 being 100% modular means installation and cable routing for the end user will be much more manageable.

The rear view of the X3 shows a stamped grating over almost the entire back plate.  This leaves plenty of room for the unit's single 135mm fan to exhale from.




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by Navin Amarasuriya

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