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Thursday, July 1st, 2004 -brian Happy Canada Day Edition ( detailed information source is here free gay cams ) A great big whoo-hoo goes out to our buds up north of here, I certainly hope they enjoy their Canada Day. We have a new review up this morning. The Titan TWC-A04 Water Cooler Unit. This is an all-in-one kit for virtually any platform that also includes a water block for your VGA card be it NVidia or ATi. Let’s start off with some Corsair stuff as they have announced the release of some……DDR2 modules at PC5300 speeds. Whoa, baby! Now that’s what I call speedy. Fremont, CA, June 30, 2004: Corsair Memory, Inc., a global leader in ultra-performance DDR memory modules for PC gamers and enthusiasts, today announced new XMS2 5300 speed modules at low latencies. Today Corsair introduced four new products in this family of ultra-fast modules. These memory modules offer the incredibly fast speeds of DDR2 5300 and low latencies of 4-4-4-12. vr porn websites These come in several density options as well as in matched pairs. Developed specifically for Alderwood and Grantsdale DDR2 platforms, these products range from 256MB to 1GB. These products are based on the new DDR2 technology which increases the memory bandwidth available for memory-intensive applications. JEDEC standard latencies at 667 MHz are 5-5-5-15, but Corsair’s 5300C4 modules are rated at 4-4-4-12 to deliver exceptional performance. DDR2, the second generation of Double Data Rate memory technology, includes new features such as a larger 4-bit prefetch and programmable on-die termination (ODT) to reduce signal bounce and improve reliability at high speeds. This new specification also utilizes 240 pins. And since most of us aren’t up to DDR2 specs just yet, how about some of this PC3200XL stuff? For more info, it’s the guys at System Cooling. “Walk softly and carry a big stick… or two! That would be applicable for our review subject today, 1 GB of Corsair TwinX1024-3200XLPRO RAM. I shouldn’t have to go into detail regarding the Corsair name. Think high-performance computing and Corsair will always be on the short list of players. And with the 3200XLPRO, they are taking some of the work out of getting extremely low latencies out of DDR RAM.” Or you can check out what Rojak Pot has to say on the subject. NeoSeeker is having a roundup of small stuff. SFF PC to be exact. I become a convert to these things. They’re great and easy to carry around. And speaking of cubes, The Tech Report just got their grubby little hands on Shuttle’s newest AMD bad boy, the XPC SK83G based around Via’s K8M800 chipset. And here’s the daily double shot, courtesy of PC Stats. AOpen’s FX5900XT gets some frag time. And a great article for any newbie, or someone wanting to brush up on Flashing a Motherboard BIOS. Ruh-roh Shaggy! The Foxconn Heat Guzzler comes apart after some intense scrutiny from OCIA. “Seeing as we have been misled about the base of the heatsink, we could only wonder what other inconsistencies might exist. Moments later, we found some tools and decided to dismantle the heat pipes. A little voice inside my head was telling me that something was fishy here as well.” InsaneTek grabs a gander at Zalman’s newest VGA cooler, the ZM80D-HP. Is anyone looking for a laser printer? Samsung ML-2151N Workgroup Monochrome Laser Printer or perhaps the Samsung CLP-550 Colour Laser Printer. Today must be Cube day as well as Canada Day. Bjorn3d slips the AOpen XCCube EZ18 in under the wire. When it comes to AOpen’s XCCube EZ18, style is the first thing that strikes me as making it unique from the countless SFF choices available today. With its white exterior and silver accents, it has a very stylish and sleek look that makes a fashion statement (and it better considering that AOpen’s marketing concept with it is ‘Living Art’). Keep reading to find out if the ‘compact, cute, cozy’ EZ18 has the features and performance to match its great looks. gay porn sites If it’s party time, then crank up the speakers. ViperLair sure does as they review these Edifier R501 5.1 Speakers But if you would prefer to keep your music to yourself, then try out this Xclef HD-800 MP3 Player. Got news? Send it into Wednesday, June 30th, 2004 -brian Mid-Week Edition Halfway there guys. Just hang on a bit longer and it will soon be party time. Starting us off today is Digital Daily with a couple of reviews. teen boys cam First off, they take a look at Intel’s new LGA775 CPU and find out what it means to us. Once done, they jump the CPU fence and get their hands on the Epox 8KDA3+ motherboard. Driver Heaven has one wham-bang of a roundup today. We are talking some serious ATi video cards over there, from the venerable 9700 all the way up to the newest and baddest X800XT PCI-Express models. Virtual Fusion takes the plunge today as they inform us of their opinions of the Asetek Waterchill Antarctica. More H2O action from Overclockers Australia with their review of the CoolerMaster Aquagate. This Corsair TwinX PC3200XL Pro is some hot memory. Just ask the guys at Rojak Pot. ” Everyone is abuzz about the new Corsair ultra-low latency XL memory modules. Check out more details herenew porn sites or here menatplay videos Boasting an ultra-low latency of just 2-2-2-5 at 400MHz DDR, these memory modules are the fastest PC3200 memory modules in the market.” Here’s some more on that kick-butt memory from FastLane Hardware. Keyboard and mouse reviews abound today. With OverclockersClub it’s the Hunter Gaming keyboard. While HTPC has their hot little hands on the Gyration Ultra GT Suite. And of course, there’s TechIMO with their mini-mouse. ClubOC knocks out a nice 2-for today. The A.C. Ryan UV Red Morph PSU Modding kit is followed by this Thermalright NB-1. Creative has some competition in this Mad Dog Entertainer 7.1 sound card. We’ve all heard the joke about the guy who thought his CD-Rom drive was a cup holder. Well, thanks to Thermaltake’s X-Ray, that is no longer a problem. Check it out at A1-Electronics. I have a nice 17″ one, but this 19″ NEC 1980SX LCD that Bjorn3d is showing off is very slick. 

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